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30.10.2020 > 07.03.2021

Tarik Kiswanson has developed an oeuvre that unites sculpture, writing, film and performance. The artist creates forms that attest to his commitment to a “poetics of diversity.” Using a variety of conceptual strategies of weaving, in both the metaphorical and literal sense, Kiswanson’s aim is to lend visibility to the concept formulated by Edouard Glissant, referred to as the “poetics of relation.” His works are activated by the presence of the viewer, even as they offer in return a reflection of their own unstable image, whether increased tenfold, erased or diffracted.

Kiswanson is a sculptor, writer and performer who makes use of a variety of media. Writing is central to this oeuvre permeated with poetry, where rhythms and tones act as so many voices of different origin. His use of metal, present in many of his sculptures, is a legacy of his family background. Born in 1986 in Sweden, Kiswanson studied in London and currently lives in Paris, but his family are from Palestine and have lived in Jordan, and his background plays an integral part in his work. The presence of children in his performances and some of his works – such as his latest film The Reading Room or his New York performance for the Performa biennial As Deep as I Could Remember, As Far as I Could See – reveals his interest in reflecting upon the moment when identity is created. Over the course of several years, he conducted research at the Tiraz Foundation in Jordan, which holds one of the major collections of textiles and clothing of the Muslim world.

This exhibition will present some of his early works, as well as recent ones produced at the Atelier Calder in Saché, and installations designed for the spaces of the museum.

This will be Kiswanson’s first museum show in France.



Tarik Kiswanson studied at London’s Central Saint Martins school, and the Beaux Arts in Paris. He has recently shown his work at the Mudam in Luxembourg (2017), the Ricard Foundation in Paris (2018), the Pompidou Center (2019), the Performa biennial in New York, and the MMAG Foundation, Amman (2020).


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