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Wolfgang Tillmans

04.05 > 16.09.2018

The Berlin-based photographer Wolfgang Tillmans (born Germany, 1968) is one of the most important artists of his generation. Since the turn of the 1990s, he has taken photographs which sometimes recall historical genres such as the still life, landscape and portrait, but can also suggest abstract images. He often conceives his exhibitions as installations structured by the play of correspondences, connections and recurrences between images.

His photographs may reveal moments of beauty and desire, but also social and political realities. In his exhibitions we are given to share the artist’s critical and yet sensitive vision of the world. This work is also about the body of photography, the sheet of paper on which the image is inscribed, and which is necessary to its appearance. Tillmans’ images are also published in book form and in magazines such as I-D, where he sat on the editorial committee for several years. His work may also be put to work to promote causes he holds dear, as with his recent participation in the campaign against Brexit.

As a practising musician, the artist also takes a special interest in music. For him, club culture represents a political vision of the world. In 2017 he has exhibited at Tate Modern, at the Beyeler Foundation in Basel and at the Kunstverein in Hamburg. He was awarded the Turner Prize in 2000.


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