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Origins and aims

A new venue to be promoted and to cater for increasing numbers of visitors, led to a cultural department being set up in June 1992. Through lack of awareness, the art of our century remains for many people somewhat inaccessible. Hence one of the museum’s key tasks is to awaken the public to contemporary art.

For younger people the activities on offer are aimed at fostering not knowledge but sensitivity, an aspect that is generally allowed to wither, although it is crucial when dealing with art (i.e. the transmission of an emotion), and when dealing with children, for whom sensitivity is the basic mode of taking in the world. Thus the museum is a place for awakening where you can discover a painting, a sculpture, or a photograph, look at it, get to know it, and use it as an incitement to invent original modes of expression.
Special visits in the form of a dialogue are available for parties of every age group, as are practical art workshops, where manipulating various media is another tool for reflection for all.


Extra-mural activities

2009 saw the beginning of a new form of involvement in Carré d’Art–Musée’s commitment to help members of the public prevented from visiting, namely the intervention of female presenters within the women’s wing of Nîmes prison. Since 2012, the experiment has been continued and extended with additional sessions in the men’s and the women’s wings.
Back in January 2011 we arranged to make it possible for certain bodies (social, institutes for handicapped and mentally handicapped children, outpatients’ hospital) who come regularly to Carré d’Art, where they can take out an annual subscription or for 3 sessions in order to benefit from preferential rates.


Practical Infos

Informations and reservations : DIARY (individuals) or BOOKING (groups)
Carré d’Art - Musée d’art contemporain, level +1
Tel : +33 (0)4 66 76 35 74


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