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Recent acquisitions

BREER Robert, 70, 1970, 7 drawings on hardboard panel of the film 70

BREER Robert, 70, 1970, film 16mm, color, silent, 4’45’’. Gift of GB Agency

FRAYSSE Sylvain, La mer, 2014, charcoal on canvas

FRAZIER LaToya Ruby, Pier 54 - A human right to Passage, 2014, 8 photographic prints on denim

PANAYAIOTOU Christodoulos, Sans titre, 2013, wall mosaïc

PANAYAIOTOU Christodoulos, Sunrise (1 october 2010 - 6.15), 2010, color photography 

PITARCH Jaime, Jabón de Alepo (Aleppo Soap), 2014 – 2016, video HD, color, duration 4h 32min 22sec

RONDINONE Ugo, Blue white blue clock, 2013, stained-glass, wire

RONDINONE Ugo, Thanx 4 Nothing, 2015, single-band, black and white, stereo sound, 2 films on monitor or screen, duration 19’48’’

RONDINONE Ugo, fünfundzwanzigsterjunizweitausendundfünfzehn, 2015, acrylic painting on canvas, label on plexiglas. Gift of the artist